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Beitrag begonnen von lukitas1491 am 05.02.2024 um 09:31:07

Titel: Work Visa Denied by Afa
Beitrag von lukitas1491 am 05.02.2024 um 09:31:07
First of all apologies  for the post being in English but my German is not quite there yet and usng Google Translate or DeepL leads to poorly redacted text. As I see most of the community is in German please feel free to respond in German.

I have been in Germany since 2021, first with a Working Holiday Visa which was then changed to a Work Permit as a trainee for a year. This visa is under the 18B ABS 1 section which is my understanding its a skilled worker visa.
When I tried to renew it last September it got denied on account of the salary. The position was as a Technical Manager or Application Support on a Junior Level and the salary demanded was of at least 2800 euro brutto per month. Unfortunately, I could not get the raise on my previous company which forced me to search a new one. Last December I got and offer and signed a contract as a Revenue Manager on a Junior level for 34K plus 5K bonus a year, meaning a higher mark than the 2800 euros. However when applying to the visa I got this denial:

„Die Arbeits- und Lohnbedingungen entsprechen nicht den tariflichen/ortsüblichen Bedingungen für vergleichbare deutsche Arbeitnehmer/innen (lt. Auskunft des zuständigen Arbeitgeberservice müsste das Gehalt bei 4.786,00€/M. / 27,61€/Std. und unter Berücksichtigung der Überstundenregelung im Arbeitsvertrag sogar bei 5.503,59€/M. liegen)“

Now you can see the large gap in salaries. Unfortunately I havent really gotten any alternative from my agent at the Auslanderbehorde and have no direct contact with the AfA. My agent gave me this feedback as to why it could be:

Ich nehme an, dass das Gehalt an die Stellenbezeichnung gebunden ist. Bei dem jetzigen Angebot ist die Stelle halt „höherwertiger“ bezeichnet, also muss der Verdienst auch höher sein.

I understand that there is a new law in place in order to avoid wage dumping and that 2800 euros is not a large salary, however is there a way to appeal a decision or find a middle ground? For a foreigner as myself this is a great opportunity in a difficult professional market and the salaries demanded are in my eyes unrealistic.

More context:
Never Studied in Germany
Bachelors in Business Administration
Living in Leipzig.

Id love to hear your opinions in my case and what I could do to effectively work in the position I already have a signed contract.

Thanks and sorry for the legnthy post.

Titel: Re: Work Visa Denied by Afa
Beitrag von Aras am 05.02.2024 um 22:37:25
34 K for a studied guy is a piss poor income. Somebody without a Bachelor and no experience should earn atleast 40-45k.
I was born in Leipzig and the income in Leipzig is generally shit anyway, because potential employers always argue with the low cost of living in Leipzig. Thats a reason, why I left Leipzig, as they love these garbage arguments to keep somebody under the poverty line.
Search for a better paying job in bavaria or generally in the West.

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